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Bush Telegraph Vol 1

Bush Telegraph vol 1

This was the first album from my Mood Series, Bush Telegraph. It was released in 2006 as part of the Mamadance! Music Library, and has been used extensively on television both in SA and internationally. In general, the Bush Telegraph series features upbeat, cheerfull African music ideal for wildlife, magazine, travel and childrens programs.

Bush Telegraph Vol 2

Bush Telegraph vol 2

Bush Telegraph 2 continued the succesfull format of the series, released in 2007.

Bush Telegraph Vol 3

Bush Telegraph vol 3

Bush Telegraph 3, about to be released soon, hopefully shows development in my composing style, bringing in new vocalists that I've met since moving to Gauteng. I've included underscore versions of almost all the tracks, and sting versions also.

Afro Hip

Afro Hip

This was the first library disc that featured my music. Craig Mcgahey from Mamadance! music Library used various pieces of music I'd written for fun, and released it to surprising success in various South African TV productions. It is still popular now.

Pace, Pulse and Push

Pace, Pulse and Push

Released in late '06 , this is a volume of uptempo, high energy tracks suitable for sport, magazine or childrens programs.



An album of genuine 1950's Kwela era music, loads of pennywhistle, saxes and charming vocals. Available on

Afrocinematic Vol 1 - Melancholy to Suspense

The first in my Afrocinematic Series, which explores orchestral and cinematic textures with an African touch. Inspired by my studies with Berkelee Online.

Afrocinematic 2 Drums of Fear

Explores driving percussion with master Israeli percussionist Elad Neeman. Blended with scary synths and fearfull afro vocals.

Afrocinematic 3 - Intrigue and Mystery

Delving into whodunnit themes and moods which keep us guessing!


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