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How to use Imovie 10 on two screens

When I sat down to cut a little video on iMovie recently, I had two monitors set up and I assumed it would not be a problem to place the preview/viewing display in glorious full resolution on my second screen and work away on editing on my first screen . It wasn’t obvious how to do this.  A quick google search showed older posts with folk explaining how to do it on version 9, and newer posts saying “feature gone!”. That familiar feeling of the inscrutable wisdom of Apple leaving us scratching our heads yet again…

But I did some fiddling and found that it is possible to do in a slightly quirky way. Here is how:
  1. Make sure that your iMovie window is not maximized (hit escape if it is).

  2. Move the window so that most of it is on your second monitor (your second monitor being presumably on the right).

  3. Press the “Play Full Screen “ button to the bottom right of the iMovie preview display. 

  4. Your second monitor should turn into a full screen display.

  5. You should then be able to grab the main iMovie window (without the preview display) in the first monitor , pull it back into place and resize it if necessary to sit nicely on the screen (without maximizing it).


Hope this helps!